About the Exhibition:
In the wave of global economic integration, modern design is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating the development of the economy. The Central Academy of Fine Arts echoed this theme by organising the 2nd National Art and Design Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. This special exhibition also seeks to convey the ideas of Design as Productive Force and Second Engine of the economy.

Art director: Xiewei Song
Exhibit Design Team:Wenjun Zhou(team leader), Hua jiang, Yujie JI, JIng Liu, Jianping Fang, He He, Ran Li, Shangning Wang, Hong Zhu, Tianchong Xue, Xinqi Zheng, Kun Ji, Yihui Miao, Yuanyuan Su, Jiyu Zhang, Ge Zhao, Xinyao Zou, etc. 
Visual Identity team: Jing Liu(team leader), Yujie Ji, Shangning Wang, Ran Li

                                                                                                    ∮   ♩   ▔ █▔  ♬ ♫
                                                                                                     \   \    ))//
                                                                                                  Thank you for watching:)  
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